Questions and Answers?

Do I need to check in my deer before bringing it for processing?

Yes you will. We are not allowed to except any deer without the proper telechek number.

Do I receive my deer back?

Yes you do. We process one deer at a time. Once your deer is cut it is immediately wrapped and every package is marked. Your bags will have your name and telechek number on it.

How do I know when my deer is available for pick up?

We will call you the day the processing is complete. We would like for you to pick your deer up within 2 to 3 Days.

Does my deer have to be field dressed?

Yes, we do not field dress them here. If there is anything left that we have to remove there will be an additional charge.

Can I bring in my deer already skinned and quartered?

Yes you can. You will still be charged for the processing, and you MUST have the tag for any meat brought in.

Can I keep the hide from my deer?

During bow season we can save the hide. During gun season we will do our best to salvage the hide. If we can't we may be able to provide you with a different hide that someone else doesn't want.

How do I know I get my deer back?

When you bring your deer in we weigh your deer. Once the deer is weighed we fill out an order form and put your telechek number on the order form. We then put a card with that number with your deer. That tag will remain with your deer from the skinning room to the freezer.


What forms of payments are accepted?

Cash of course. We will also accept checks with your current complete name, address, phone number, bank, ect. We also accept credit or debit cards. There will be a $30.00 charge for any returned checks.


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call and ask.