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September 9, 2016

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  • Processing and Prices
Processing and Prices
Up to 100lbs $50.00
101 to 200lbs $75.00
201lbs and up $100.00

We will skin the deer in the skinning room, then the deer is moved to the processing room where it is quartered and de boned. After the de boning is complete then we start
cutting the meat to your preference. We can do roast, steaks, burger, back straps, tenderloins, and ribs. After it is cut the way you want it, we wrap it, date and write the contents on each package. We then bag it and put it in the freezer until you pick it up.

We Process one deer at a time which means YOU get YOUR deer back.

Additional charges
feces and organ removal  $15.00
deboned grind only $10.00
deboned grind wrapped   $15.00
full head cape removal $10.00
grind mix pork** $15.00
**(we do not provide pork that is up to the customer to provide)